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Dr Patel is Amazing, I am so glad that I choose her as my OB! Prenatal visits with her are relaxed and informative and I always felt she had enough time for my questions and concerns. She gave me the best care she can offer and she made me feel safe which was very important to me since this was my first pregnancy. I was always happy to go to my prenatal visits and met her because she is someone that is genuinely glad to see you and truly care about how you are doing. She is very on time too which was great. As for my labour I choose C section, she done a fantastic job with the incision. Nearly 10 months now and I hardly notice the scar. Postnatal care was brilliant too, few days after discharged from Hospital I was shivering and I thought it was something from post operation but it turn out only my milk was coming but Dr Roshni arranged for me to be checked out by Dr and midwife in the same hospital which was very nice of her. I am eternally grateful to her for such a care.

Sarah Rouveure de Talans