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Roshni has delivered both of my babies, one naturally and one by emergency c-section. She also supported me through the difficult loss of one pregnancy in the second trimester. I couldn’t have hoped for better care. Roshni displays a perfect balance of professionalism and personal concern.  Pre-birth, her advice has always been sensible and tailored to my needs and she has always been available and responsive to my questions. My first birth went extremely smoothly, with Roshni judging the right time for an intervention by ventouse following seven hours of labour. My second birth was complicated and preceded by heavy bleeding due to placenta previa. I arrived at the hospital in an ambulance. Roshni mobilised extremely quickly and my baby was born by c-section 40 minutes later. She was brilliantly supportive, calm and reassuring, and provided great aftercare. To top it off, the midwife who came to see me at home told me that my scar was among the neatest she had ever seen.

Mrs SE