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After the birth of my first child (not under Roshni’s care) I cried every day afterwards for four months as I relived the trauma of my experience. From the minute Leo, my second baby, was born (under Roshni’s care) and thereafter I have felt nothing but joy and gratitude at being lucky enough to have experienced the kind of birth experience I thought was a pipe dream (i.e.: not achievable for normal people who don’t spend hours a day doing yoga and meditative chants). Leo was a whopping 4.2kg baby and I was so well supported by Roshni and her team that I achieved a completely natural birth in line with my rather demanding birth plan (which I totally forgot on the day but Roshni knew by heart and delivered flawlessly!!) I had no issues in my recovery whatsoever and I was well and happy enough to just walk out of the delivery room myself shortly after the birth. Last of all – she’s just one of life’s great women. She’s amazing at what she does and it’s a pleasure to turn up to appointments. If you have a choice about your care – beg, borrow or steal (as the turn of phrase goes) to get yourself under the care of Roshni.

Mrs SB