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When I discovered I was pregnant I opted for personal reasons to have a c-section and spent considerable time researching Obstetricians. My husband and I knew from the moment we read about Roshni that she was the right person for us and this was immediately affirmed when we met her. This was our first child and my husband was keen to attend as many antenatal appointments with me as possible, as a Surgeon in another hospital his availability was limited and Roshni went above and beyond to accommodate us both and ensure he could also attend appointments.

Throughout my pregnancy I felt safe and secure in the best possible care I could have. She always took the time to answer my (often long) lists of questions and never made me feel rushed. She even went out of her way to take photos of the operating theatre for me and explain what all the pieces of equipment were so that I would know what to expect. Roshni was always understanding of my personal choices, whilst providing me with enough information to ensure I understood the pros and cons and was equipped to make informed decisions. I felt incredible reassured knowing that she was always at the end of the phone if I had any concerns. On the one occasion I did need to call her she calmly discussed my symptoms and provided me with a plan of action in case they returned.

The c-section itself was a fantastic experience and I attribute this entirely to Roshni. I anticipated at least two nights in hospital but was out of bed and walking around 6 hours after my son was delivered and home by the following evening. Ten weeks on the scar is tiny, the feeling has returned entirely and I find it hard to believe I even had an operation. If and when I am pregnant again Roshni will be the first person I call.

Mrs LW