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Our baby girl, Josephine was born by Caesarean section in October 2012. Roshni Patel provided invaluable support and guidance throughout the pregnancy from the initial meeting in the first trimester through the delivery itself until 6 weeks post natal. Although we live in Bath we were prepared to travel to be under Roshni’s care. We found her to be a wonderful caring and calming influence and someone to turn to at any time. Roshni explained and talked through any worries we had and went out of her way to reassure us answering many lists of questions at our appointments, over the phone and by email or text. We looked forward to seeing her at each pre-natal appointment and on the big day. We were relaxed and had every confidence in her which made the birth a wonderful experience. Recovery has been remarkably quick and without any complication due to the expertise of Miss Patel’s suturing of the c-section. We would without a doubt want to be under her care for baby number two.

Michael and Genevieve Tatters, parents to Josephine