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I don’t know why but sometimes friends like to share the shocking childbirth stories rather than the ones that were positive and without major drama. When in your early thirties and having finally made the decision to have a baby and being lucky enough to become pregnant, these are not the stories that you particularly want to hear.

So I knew from the beginning that I needed someone professional, positive and non-judgemental to support me through my pregnancy and child birth. I also wanted to feel assured that I had a consultant that delivered lots and lots of babies every year but would also give me that extra special attention and do the right thing for my baby’s health and mine. Roshi’s credentials speak for themselves and this is how my husband and I first decided we should meet with her. As a mum herself, I felt that she understands the worries and fears but as a professional I felt that she knew how to allay my fears.

When the Big Day came along everything was run in an organised but relaxed manner. The attention to detail practiced by Roshni and her team made me feel at ease and I was confident that they were in full control and they would make sure my baby and I were going to be fine. In the final hour, Roshni was firm but caring and I was very lucky that everything was straight forward with help from the right team of professionals taking care of me.

I’ve had a very positive childbirth experience and I think more of these should be shared with expectant mums 🙂

Amy and son, Finn Patrick Conlon