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For the birth of my second daughter (January 2012) I was initially booked in with the midwife led team at the Kensington Wing (Chelsea & Westminster Hospital). However, after experiencing a few problems during this pregnancy (I had a haematoma and also an extra lobe attached to my placenta), I decided I wanted to have the expertise of a Consultant for the continuation of my pregnancy and birth.  I was very luckily introduced to Roshni, who was happy to take me on as one of her patients. Roshni was everything I could have asked for in a Consultant, she listened to me and understood my worries concerning my pregnancy.  I really valued her opinions on what was best for the baby and for me and I felt safe under her care and above all happy to take her advice.

Thankfully the actual birth went without a problem, however I did have complications in the hours afterwards due to the extra lobe on my placenta.  Roshni was aware of this and had asked the midwives to monitor me every 15 minutes for excessive blood loss.  At 2am Roshni came back to the hospital because the midwives were concerned and at around 3am, I had an operation which she performed herself.  I definitely felt that I had the very best possible care and attention and that is mainly down to Roshni.

Pregnancy can be one of the most worrying times for women, particularly if it is considered high risk.  When choosing a Consultant it is essential that you feel 100% happy and comfortable with their advice and care.  I would recommend Roshni Patel without question and would book myself in with her again should I have a third baby. I live at least 1hour 20 mins away from the hospital, so it is testament to both the hospital and Roshni that I even considered such a journey in the first place and would be prepared to do so again.

Alexandra McKay, Mother to Lulu and Bebe