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Can I breast feed if I’ve had implants?
Can I dye / bleach or highlight my hair?
Can I exercise in pregnancy?
Can I have a bikini wax in pregnancy?
Can I use a Jacuzzi or hot tub?
Can I use fake tan in pregnancy?
Can I use hair removal creams during pregnancy?
Can I use nail varnish during pregnancy?
Can I wear an underwire bra?
Can I whiten my teeth during pregnancy?
Dieting in pregnancy
Do all women have an episiotomy?
Do I need to remove my belly button piercing?
How much caffeine can I have in pregnancy?
How much should I be eating?
How much weight should I gain?
I have been advised to have colposcopy in pregnancy. Is it safe?
Is a forceps or ventouse delivery safe for my baby?
Is air travel safe in pregnancy?
Is pethidine safe for my baby?
My baby is breech, now what?
Should I consider stem cell collection?
Should I go for my routine smear test during pregnancy?
Should I have the influenza vaccine?
Should I have the whopping cough (pertussis) vaccine?
Should I wax before labour?
Visiting the dentist
What are pelvic floor exercises and do I need to do them?
What are the benefits of breast feeding?
What foods must I avoid?
What is a MAT B1 form?
What is a TENS machine?
What is the anomaly scan for?
What should I bring for baby?
What should I bring to the hospital?
When can I drive after having my baby?
When can I find out the sex of my baby?
Where do I get a MAT B1 form?
Why are babies given Vitamin K?
Why opt for private care?
Will I have enough milk for my baby?


Aaron and Leanne Simpson, Founder of Quintessentially
Alexandra McKay, Mother to Lulu and Bebe
Aliuja Walters, from Colombia
Amy and son, Finn Patrick Conlon
Andrea Burkey, mother of Max
Andrea, mom of Mariana
Archana Somayaji
Cristina & Roberto 
Désirée Boyneburg
Elisa Minardi
Gemma Rizzo
Helen & Luis
Ingrid Cazin d’Honincthun
Ingrid Spierts, pelvic pain therapist
Irene Otero Novas
Jennifer McMahon
Karina Kieffer
Kim and Paul
L Ryan
Leigh Thomas
Leonie della Casa
Linda G
Lucy White, mother of Alfie
Madhuri Gulati
Madiha, mother of Haniah and Amelia
Mandy and Eddy
Mark & Undine, parents to a son born 17 December 2011
Meredith Smart, Consultant Microbiologist, 20/30 Labs Ltd
Michael and Genevieve Tatters, parents to Josephine
Mina Usman
Morgane De Verdiere
Mother of Silvia
Mr Ryu and Mrs Kim from Sydney
Mrs AE
Mrs AL
Mrs AP
Mrs AZ
Mrs BF
Mrs BY
Mrs CX
Mrs DR
Mrs FS
Mrs HR
Mrs JG
Mrs JH
Mrs JW,Putney
Mrs KL
Mrs LW
Mrs MT
Mrs NW
Mrs S Elworthy
Mrs SB
Mrs SE
Mrs SS
Mrs TR
Mrs TvP
Nina Nägel, mother of Jakob and Leo
Nosheen Chughtai
Olga Rijk, mother of Mara
Otto and Marguerite Beyer, parents of Maria
R Thiele
Sara, mother of Jenna Sulaiman Metzgen, from Oman
Sarah Rouveure de Talans
Shail Sarin
Sophie, Christophe and Camille
Susanne, mother of Jack